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How's that Essay coming?

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On Your Way To Becoming a Physician Assistant?

It can be Daunting. Confusing.

Downright hard.

That’s why we’re here…!

Waiting List: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting Practice as a Physician Assistant

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My mom asked the same question…

It's a great career

The number of Physician Assistants in practice have exploded over the years–why?  Because it’s a great career.  Getting your first job (or 3rd!) is a long road, but totally worth it.

We're a great community of providers

We’re a friendly group, out in the workforce together providing high quality medical care.  We can all learn from each other in the process–from start to finish.

we're in this together

We make up a big portion of practicing providers, all with the common experience of having committed to PA school and having similar motivations–let’s stay committed and strong out in the workforce.


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Zach | Pre-PA Student

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