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Starting any career is exciting, but there just aren’t that many resources for people thinking of becoming a Physician Assistant. As a pre-PA student, I didn’t have many options for finding out more about the profession except limited shadowing opportunities. As a student, I had trouble staying motivated.  What was the job really going to be like? As a new grad, I didn’t have a mentor or role model to help transition into a true professional.  We graduate with book knowledge, but there is a whole extra level of dynamics that would be helpful to understand as you get started. PA Startup fills these areas for you…!
“Startup” is a hot word lately–we’ve all heard of a “hot new startup” who makes a new app or service; think Facebook or Instagram.  “Startup” has 2 definitions: “a newly established business” (which is what you’re doing as you start down the PA School path) as well as my favorite definition–“the action or process of setting something in motion”. I want you to hit the ground running, armed with all the info you need to get started, stay motivated, and hit the workforce strong. Let’s set this thing in motion.


Who RUNS This Joint

My name is Chris.  I’ve been a PA since 2007, most of which has been in Cardiothoracic Surgery.  I have had countless students over the years ask the same types of questions: shadowing students exploring the profession, 2-4 weeks rotations with students as their preceptor, and directly training new graduates in my current position as Team Leader. YOU NEED A ONE-STOP RESOURCE for each phase of your training. Working on a specific problem in the process?  Stuck somewhere?  Shoot me an email (info@pastartup.co) or tweet (@pastartupDOTco)! I can’t wait to help you on your way.  I look forward to being called your colleague soon!

Chris Darst, MPAS, PA-C

Chief Everything Officer

From typing words, shooting videos, recording podcasts, answering emails–all the way to taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms–I’m in this thing from the bottom to the top…!  And it’s lonely…so email me! 🙂

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