Podcast Episode 000–About us

About PA Startup

Episode 000--About PA Startup


In this inaugural episode of the PA Startup Podcast, we answer the important question: What is PA Startup all about?

We are helping pre-PA students, current PA students, and new grads start their careers ahead of the curve as Physician Assistants!  Not sure if the PA profession is right for you?  Having trouble staying motivated or choose a specialty in school?  Having problems with your job search?  PA Startup can help with all this and more.

Hosted by Chris Darst, MPAS, PA-C, a practicing PA with over 10 years experience, the PA Startup Podcast explores the features of PA School and starting practice as a PA that aren’t taught elsewhere.  Chris has hosted hundreds of shadow students, is a preceptor for several PA students on rotation in Cardiothoracic Surgery each year, and has trained multiple new grads during which he found there were a lot of similar questions that needed answering about applying to school, staying motivated in school, boards, job search, graduation, and beyond.

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