Podcast Episode 010–

Lessons learned the first Year of practice

First Year: Good Times

Episode 010–Lessons Learned the First Year of Practice, featuring Garner Wilson, PA-C

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Graduating PA school is great, but it’s just the start.  What will your first year hold? 


I have been lucky enough to watch Garner grow from new grad to now experienced practitioner. I felt it would be great to have him on the podcast to talk about the learning curve right out of school. Often times we perceive something that is challenging but when you look back it was something different entirely that was trying your patience.

Garner talks about how he chose the PA profession, how he chose his school, his goals during school for graduation, expectations as a new grad, and the actuality of what he learned as a first year PA. There’s a huge learning curve, so hang on…!

Specific high points of this conversation include:

  • Expectations before and after school
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Learning how to handle stressful situations or even awkward situations.

Garner talks about experiencing the first code blue of his career, and some strange habits by a postoperative patient. Don’t miss it!

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