Podcast Episode 015–

A Day In the life: General Surgery

Featuring Jessica Harper, PA-C

Episode 015–A Day In the Life: General Surgery

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What’s a day in the life like for a General Surgery PA? 

Suturing, surgical assisting, new consults, followups…robotics!?!?

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Jessica started out in cardiac rehab and personal training before PA school, but she met military PAs along the way who provided excellent care. After going to PA school, she was set on cardiology only to find she didn’t particularly enjoy it like she thought she should. She loved surgery and hasn’t looked back.

She hits the highlights of her job, including her responsibilities, favorite parts, least favorite parts, along with finding out your mom was right when she reminded you to “Chew your food!”…

Hear about a typical day in her life in general surgery!

Highlights of today’s podcast:

  • Surgical responsibilities
  • Clinic responsibilities
  • “Historical alternans” or as I call it, “historopenic”(http://mdaware.blogspot.com/2011/08/mda-medical-glossary.html)
  • Favorite part of job
  • Worst favorite part of job (but excellent reminder how to stay positive)
  • My way of dealing with call
  • Surprises as new grad
  • The daVinci Robot
  • Surprising findings in bowels…!
  • Advice to herself back at the beginning of PA school

Check out Episode 15 and experience what it’s like to be a PA in General Surgery…!

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