Podcast Episode 016–

A Day In the life: Pulmonary medicine

Featuring Nick Kinkead   PA-C

Episode 016–A Day In the Life: Pulmonary Medicine

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What’s a day in the life like for a Pulmonology PA? 

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As Nick says, pulmonary patients are often the “sickest of the sick”, which is a great mindset to have when selecting rotations: if you can handle the sickest patients, then the rest won’t be as intimidating.  Nick has a great job with a great group, where he not only has a good mix of job responsibilities, but also a great group of supervising physicians.

In today’s episode, he discusses how he chose PA school, advice for pre-PA students/current PA students, and of course—a day in his life as a Pulmonary Medicine PA.   As always, every job is a little different, so remember not all pulmonary jobs will follow this format.  It is a common arrangement in a private practice pulmonary group however…!

Nick discusses his path from student on rotation to getting a job offer, and finally to working for his group.  He has some great experience and information for pre-PA and current PA students…enjoy!

Check out Episode 16 and experience what it’s like to be a PA in Pulmonology…!

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