Podcast Episode 018–

Pre-PA insight from a program director

featuring Michael Huckabee, Ph.D, PA-C

Episode 018–Interview with a Program Director: Applications, Interviews, and Pre-PA Insight

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How often do we get to ask Program Directors questions and get transparent answers?  NOT OFTEN, so this episode will knock your socks off!!

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Mike Huckabee, Ph.D. PA-C is the Program Director at the Mayo Clinic PA Program and a personal friend–in today’s episode we have unique access to his thoughts on pre-PA/PA applicants, application process, and more!  He offers great insight to the thoughts of a program director and applications committee–how important are essays, course load, what the applications committee is really looking for…this episode has a TON of great info for new/repeat applicants.  Seriously–I can’t thank Mike enough for his time and insight!

Clinical Leadership for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners by Michael Huckabee, Ph.D., PA-C


Writing Your PA School Application Essay, by Chris Darst, MPAS, PA-C


Jump to a topic:

  • 6:00–What catches the eye of PA Admissions Committee?
  • 7:32–Showing non-cognitive variables: grit, integrity, and character
  • 9:00–Including grit/your story in essay up front
  • 11:33–The truth about adding additional science classes to help GPA vs. retaking lower grades
  • 15:10–Does course load matter?  (e.g., if I took a bunch of hard classes at the same time, will that make me a better candidate?)
  • 16:46–Shadowing hours
  • 19:15–Shadowing PA vs. MD
  • 20:25–Essay tips: personality differences of the reader
  • 23:25–INTERVIEW SECRETS (awesome insight here!!!!)
  • 28:00–What truly is the applications committee looking for?
  • 31:05–What is the purpose of on-site writing?
  • 35:30–Advice for applicants who don’t get in (Hint: They EXPECT you to contact them!)

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