Podcast Episode 020–

5 Killer Writing Tips


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Episode 020–5 Killer Writing Tips

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Writing tips are just for pre-PAs, right?  No…!

Mike Huckabee, Ph.D., PA-C, Program Director for the Mayo Clinic PA Program, talked in Episode 18 of the PA Startup Podcast how the essay is the best way to stand out among competitive applications, and I agree.  It’s the START of your interview…the first chance you can show them personality outside of grades/transcripts and work history.

But writing isn’t only for applications—you’ll be writing cover letters for jobs, thank you notes to preceptors/interviewers, and in many other ways throughout your career.

But HOW you write is equally important as WHAT you write.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for writing killer essays and cover letters, taken from the Writing Your PA School Application Essay Workbook by PAStartup.co (and available here):

  1. Remember your audience-How long do you have to make a good impression?
  2. Write conversationally, but professionally–break out of the academic-writing habit
  3. Don’t repeat what’s already listed elsewhere–use your space wisely
  4. Don’t apologize too much, but explain things that need explaining–clarify but don’t apologize for who you are
  5. Don’t try too hard to be funny–comedy reads differently on paper than in person, so use wisely

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