Podcast Episode 021–

A Day In the Life: Trauma


Acute Care/TraumaMore Exciting than TV

Episode 021–A Day In The Life of an Acute Care/Trauma PA

Trauma…high intensity, something new rolling through the door…always a challenge!

Mike is our first repeat guest on the podcast; he was in episode 7, “Talking Finances with the Finance Fellow”, available here and show notes here…but today he’s back talking about his life as a Trauma/Acute Care coordinator. 

He has a great work/life balance, good working relationships with supervising physicians, residents, nursing staff, and more…maybe Trauma/Acute Care is right for you?

Find Mike here:

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Here’s what we talk about:

  • History of finance to medicine path
  • Working as an EMT in NYC during school
  • Treating a man who had a heart attack in an elevated train house
  • How his EMT experience influence his rotations (including medical forensics!)
  • Living off campus, with a 1.5 hour commute
  • Advice to himself as a new grad
  • First job in Emergency Medicine
  • Transitioning to Trauma
  • Not having other PAs to learn from on the new job
  • What the Trauma job means for a PA
  • Responsibilities as his hospital was awarded Level I Trauma status
  • Training new interns every year
  • Respect from resident, even though we’re not doctors
  • Typical day/week in Trauma
  • Rounding hand-off
  • First assisting with Acute Care surgeons
  • Favorite part about trauma
  • Least favorite part about trauma

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