Podcast Episode 023–

What if I Don’t get in?

Lessons Learned by Perseverance

Episode 023–What If I Don't Get In?

There aren’t as many seats as there are applicants; how will you deal if you don’t get in?

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Everyone fears rejection, but it’s a fact of life…and statistically speaking, it very well might be part of your PA school journey.  While it hurts to not get in the first time through, the way you handle this rejection and get back on task makes all the difference.  My guest for Episode 23 has lived it—and handled it like a champ.

I’ve known Zach for several years, and we’ve been talking for some time as he has applied to PA school and learned different things along the way.  He brings a ton of great tips today on how he dealt with bad news, learned from it, and stuck with it.  I talked with him the day before he started PA school—great job Zach!

Some of our topics:

  •  Injury while running cross country, saw more of the medical profession
  • Shadowed PAs at his mom’s office
  • Worked as a pharmacy tech
  • Chose PA route, got job in cath lab for patient contact hours
  • Didn’t get in first time applying
  • Rejection letter
  • Scheduling an exit interview, following advice
  • Persistence pays off
  • Waitlisted the 2nd time
  • Acceptance the 3rd time
  • What he’d tell the first-time applicant Zach
  • Hardest part of the process—interview, needed practice, mock interviews
  • Importance of being relaxed during the interview
  • What was the same about the second time through?
  • On-site essay
  • What he learned going through CASPA
  • Timetable for filling stuff out
  • GRE—if it’s not required, do you need to take it?
  • Getting each schools requirements down
  • What he’s most excited for in PA school


44:00—MAIN TIPS from today’s show

  • Move that deadline earlier than what CASPA says—get it in early
  • Exit interview if you don’t get in—what can you do to be a better candidate?
  • Write details of the interview to help you prepare for next time if not needed

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