Podcast Episode 027–



Episode 027–PA Residency/Fellowship

PA Residencies are out there–but what’s it like to attend one?

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Today’s guest is Theresa Brodeur, PA-C who is from Syracuse, NY.  She attended PA school and knew she wanted to pursue Emergency Medicine, so she attended a Residency in California to further her skills.  Her experience was excellent, even though she was working long hours and completing coursework the whole time.  Check out how she liked her experience, what she learned, and how it impacts her job today!

Some of the highlights:

  • Set out to apply to Physical Therapy, but found PA profession
  • Interested in ER—pursued EMT and worked as EMT and got shadowing hours
  • Attended school in NY
  • First rotation was ED—had a great preceptor, worked at a smaller upstate ED and had a great experience
  • Goals at Graduation: Emergency Medicine, wanted to practice full scope as ED provider
  • SEMPA website—lead her to research fellowships/resumes


ED Residency/Fellowship

  • 14 months in length—fellows finishing program act as mentors to new arrivals
  • Classroom didactic, projects, presentations
  • Tuesday/Thursday classes for 4 hours—reading assignments, presentations
  • 4-5 12-hour shifts through the week, rotating days/nights
  • Rotations: OBGYN, surgical, ortho
  • Several ERs and Corrections facility for experience
  • Call for other services
  • Stipend—$11.25/hr while working
  • Skills: Suturing, central lines, intubations, other procedures


Job prospects at graduation

  • Company sponsoring residency (Vituity) was well-established in California for ED coverage
  • Having residency—the name of the sponsoring program led to programs asking “how can we convince you to work here”
  • If going away from where name is recognized, will it help get a job?

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