Podcast Episode 029–



Episode 029–Emergency Medicine

Like constant action?  Something new with every patient?  Welcome to Emergency Medicine.

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You’ll remember Theresa Brodeur, PA-C from the PA Startup Podcast Episode 27 where she talked about her experience in a PA residency.  I originally met with her to discuss her life in Emergency Medicine but found she attended residency as well, so we talked about that first.  Today’s episode is the rest of the conversation: A Day In The Life of an Emergency Medicine PA.

The ED is not always like what you see on TV, but there are a lot of situations to get your blood pumping.  Theresa has a wealth of knowledge given her years as a PA and her residency, so you’ll get a good look at what it’s *actually* like.

Highlights from the show:

  • Types of ER shifts
  • Differences between patients
  • Trauma vs. other types of care
  • Differences between campuses
  • Types of acuity seen in the ER
  • Getting involved with Trauma cases
  • What drew her to emergency medicine: “What scares me the most; what is completely out of my comfort zone to push me?”
  • Why Theresa pushes herself whenever she can: you never know when you will be the only provider available.
  • Why should you remain humble and the importance of good nursing staff.
  • Her favorite part of the job—the hours.
  • Craziest stories
  • Least favorite parts of Emergency Medicine
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Advice she’d give herself: chill, find mentors, don’t get caught up in the drama 

Check it out–you won’t be disappointed.  Theresa has some great insight and it’s always awesome to talk to a PA who is passionate about her job and specialty!

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