Podcast Episode 030–

Look Who’s Here? And…we’re on youtube!



Episode 030–Look who's joining us?


Aww snap…we’re back, this time with a NEW CO-HOST (you’re welcome that I’m not droning on and on) and we’re on YouTube!

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Aspiring Physician Assistants, current PA students, and new PA Grads—we’re back with season 3 of the PA startup podcast, now on YouTube!

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This episode is exciting—the PA Startup family is growing! My new co-host, Garner Wilson PA-C joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey, favorite job prior to PA school, and why the PA Profession is the best & most versatile medical provider position you can find! (And…the debut of a new logo. 2020 has been rough, but we’re dressing it up for a strong finish!)

Garner and I talk about PA-related topics all the time, so it was a logical addition to the team: he keeps me accountable to create new content, I have help in research & creation of that content. It’s funny how bouncing ideas off others can get your mind working – we have a lot of exciting stuff in store for all you pre-PAs, current students, and new PA grads out there!

Listen to Garner’s original guest episode here: http://hyperurl.co/o1z42p

Timestamps for this episode:

– Sweet new intro: 0:00

– Garner’s introduction: 1:00

– Why patient contact/job requirements helped him prepare for PA School: 5:25

– Importance of perspective gained from pre-PA experience: 6:56

– Favorite part of being a PA: 9:32

– Flexibility of PA training (and camera problems!): 11:58

Which job best prepared him for PA school: 17:18


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