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Job Interviews

Episode 004--Get That Job: Interviews

Today’s episode is all about getting the job!

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The whole purpose of going to PA school is to get a job as a practicing PA. But before you can start treating patients, you have to actually be offered a job. This process starts very early and for most people, requires putting yourself out there and chasing jobs you want. (On occasion, people know someone who is hiring which is really neat for them, but this is for the rest of us)

The Job Interview

Just like cover letters and resumes, job interviews are an art form. Practice makes perfect, and this episode has several different tips to help you perfect that art.

The whole purpose of the job interview is to show whoever is hiring why you were the best fit for the job. That goes both ways, you need to make sure that the job is a good fit for you as well.

There are two choices when it comes to jobs, and their importance is up to you. Most people have to decide between what specialty they want to do versus where people want to live. If you know one specialty is the only thing that will feed your soul, you might have to be willing to move to make that happen. If you know that you need to remain in one location, you have to have more willingness to try different specialties, at least at first.

It’s rare to get your dream job in your dream location right out of school.  But put in the work upfront and with your experience, you can make your dream job your reality.

I hope this episode is hopeful for those of you out looking for jobs and interviewing. We touch on phone interviews and in person interviews, red flags to look for during your interview, and tactics to prepare before going into it with you to set you up for success.





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