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Question and Answers Baby

Episode 005–Q&A: School Choices, Not Getting In, Getting "Pimped", and Salary Negotiation


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Q&A Number 1! 

Welcome to our first Q & A episode! These questions were submitted via email at questions@pastartup.co.

We have four excellent questions today, I didn’t have time to feature everything that has been sent in, but please keep sending questions and we will get to them in a future episode.

  1. Brett asks how to decide between a more expensive but highly regarded school vs. a local, more affordable program.
  2. Emma didn’t get into school this time around; what should she do now and if it looks silly to reapply to the same programs next year.
  3. Allison asks what to do if a preceptor is “pimping” you—should you answer I don’t know if you aren’t certain of the answer or should you try even at risk and looking dumb?
  4. Victor has a job offer but doesn’t think he has much to negotiate with as a new grad, but his offer is a little lower than he’d like.

Check out these questions on Episode 5 of the PA Startup Podcast; submit your questions to questions@pastartup.co.






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