Podcast Episode 006–

Finish School Strong: A graduating PA Student talks focus, prepping for pance exam, and jobs…!


Episode 006–Finishing Strong; a conversation with a graduating PA Student

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Congratulations to all the graduating PA students out there!  Way to go!  You did it…just pass that exam (you’ll do great) and start that career!

Today’s episode is with a graduating PA student, Ricky Amimo, who was a stellar PA student with me for a month. There are a lot of things to balance as you get close to graduation, so Ricky explains where he’s focusing, what he learned on rotations, what advice he’d give himself at the beginning of school, and more!

Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Ricky shares the added complication of having to get a work visa to stay in the US as a PA–great tips for the international student crew out there.

Also, Ricky enlightened me to the effect of the Marula fruit–a fruit that falls from trees, ferments, and is sought after by elephants, who get DRUNK on the fruit!  Check it out on YouTube here…interesting conversation piece for your next social outing…!

Here’s some sweet stuff we discussed in the podcast—we’re not sponsored, just spreading the word on what helped others:

PANCE prep pearls

Physician Assistant Exam Review podcast


Of Lovers and Fools Podcast (not PA-related, but it’s Ricky’s friend, so show him some love!)

I’ve heard good things about:

Smartypance–online training

A Comprehensive Review For the Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistants-Fifth Edition–Review book

International student??

Visa info–travel.state.gov

CPT visa to get patient contact hours

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