Podcast Episode 007–

Talking finances with “the finance fellow”


Episode 007–An Interview with The Finance Fellow

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From the Financial Sector to Trauma PA; an Interview with “The Finance Fellow”

Today we talk finances with Mike “The Finance Fellow”.  Mike writes a blog (www.thefinancefellow.com) about his journey from the financial world to now being a Trauma PA, discussing all different types of financial info for pre-PAs, current PA students, and practicing PAs.  We cover a ton of information in this episode, for everyone from pre-PA students choosing schools and obtaining loans, living frugally in school, and how to balance paying student loans and retirement contributions.

Here’s more of what we discussed:

  • Mike’s path from finance to PA
  • Changing course from Med school to PA school
  • Avoiding debt in school
  • Choosing the right school to prevent excess debt
  • Factoring in living expenses in exchange for “brand name” schools
  • Loan Forgiveness: public vs. private debt and which one to pick to take advantage of loan forgiveness programs
  • Living frugally in PA school
  • How to only pay 3% interest on credit cards for the rest of your life
  • Retirement accounts
  • Treating yourself as a business, diversifying your income
  • Similarities between Finance and Medicine—everyone is “selling” something: trust, compassion, etc.
  • How he flipped his house to pay off his student loan debt

***Information on this Podcast does not constitute true financial advice, please seek the opinion of a financial professional before making your own personal financial decisions!***


Find Mike here:

Twitter: @thefinancefello

Blog: www.TheFinanceFellow.com

Email: Thefinancefellow@gmail.com


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