Podcast Episode 008–

Shadowing Like a BOSS


Episode 008–Tips for Shadowing Like a Boss

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Shadowing is a great way to find out more about the PA profession; this is how to shadow like a boss

Shadowing is an exceptional way to learn more about the PA profession and stay motivated throughout your academic journey.  It can help you explore the PA profession, find letters of recommendation, arrange elective rotations, and even a potential job in the future. 

In this week’s episode of the PA Startup Podcast, we look at the benefits of shadowing, with reasons why it’s hard to arrange, 4 ways to find shadowing opportunities, and what to do before/during/after shadowing.  Doesn’t sound very “boss-like”?  I promise it will work.

Here are the timestamps for the various topics we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Benefits of shadowing (3:07)
  • Reason shadowing is hard to set up (8:48)
  • What shadowing is not for (don’t go into experience for these purposes) (10:43)
  • 4 ways to search for shadowing (12:35)
  • Preparation for shadowing (17:56)
  • At shadowing (22:19)
  • After shadowing (26:32)
  • For more info (28:42)

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