Podcast Episode 009–

Preparing for the PANCE Exam

Prep like it’s Doomsday

Episode 009–Preparing for the PANCE/PANRE

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The PANCE is the FINAL STEP to becoming a Certified Physician Assistant–Prep for it wisely!


The thing standing between you and becoming a PA, other than school of course, is the PANCE exam. The physician assistant National certification exam is the ultimate goal of your PA training. It is a comprehensive review of everything you learned in PA school. Passing this test is the last hurdle to becoming a certified physician assistant and starting your career.

There are multiple theories on how to best prepare for this test, so for today’s episode I asked Mike Nowak, director of certified medical educators and a practicing PA to join me on the podcast. Mike is trained thousands of PAs over the years during his three- and five-day review courses and shares his best study tips and test recommendations with us.

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NCCPA blueprint

Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Comprehensive book (The “Blue Bible”)

CMDT Specialty Guides

Find Mike Nowak, PA-C and Certified Medical Educators here:

FACEBOOK: CertMedEd facebook page

WEBSITE: Certified medical educators


HIGHLIGHTS—Time stamps of pertinent info for quick reference:

  • 0:03–Killer Intro Music
  • 0:27–Chris Darst, PA-C Has a Cold (er, Upper Respiratory Infection)
  • 6:03–Hawaii Review Course!
  • 10:20–Setting up a Study Schedule
  • 13:40–Strategic Studying
  • 15:08–Lag Time for New Information
  • 17:53–Board Review Courses
  • 18:43–Differences Between PANCE/PANRE
  • 20:22–When Should Studying Start?
  • 23:40–Variety with Studying
  • 26:15–Why People Fail the PANCE Exam
  • 29:24–Best Study Advice I’ve Heard
  • 30:49–Test Taking Tips
  • 35:30–Looking Forward: Preparing for your next boards

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