What’s a podcast?

I have no idea what you’re talking about; how do I listen??



(This dude above seems kinda down…? It’s supposed to be “thoughtful” but he looks, well, he’s sitting on train tracks with his head low. Things can’t be good.)

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a FREE audio file that you can listen to anywhere, anytime—much like an on-demand radio show.  They are found right here on our website, through the iTunes store on your computer (they’re free though!), or a podcast app on your phone.  The iPhone has a pre-installed Podcast app; android phones utilize podcast players such as Stitcher Radio, etc.

Through iTunes or your podcast app, you can search for any number of topics and either download individual episodes to your device or subscribe to your favorites and each new show that is published will be automatically pushed to your device.

On our site, you can simply navigate to the episode you want to hear here and listen through the website.

Why are Podcasts even a thing?

We like to multitask, so podcasts allow people to listen to interesting shows wherever they want.  Unlike blogs and YouTube videos, they don’t require dedicated attention (unless you want to focus on what you’re hearing).

What are Show Notes?

Show notes are additional details about the episode of a podcast, usually a summary of the conversation along with any links to things discussed—blogs, news articles, products to purchase.  I have started adding time stamps of the highlights on my episodes so if you want to skip right to your favorite topic you can find it easily.

How do I get started listening to the Podcast?

Here’s a video on how to find, download, and listen to podcasts–it’s a generic video from YouTube, but it gets the job done for both Apple and Android users…!

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