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Resumes (CV) & Cover Letters



Your resume (CV) provides your QUALIFICATIONS for a specific job.  For new graduates, you need 4 categories:


  • Educational background (Level of studies, degrees awarded, schools attended)
  • Rotation list +/- Preceptor
  • Medical Experience (pre-PA patient contact experience)
  • Affiliations/Leadership (student societies, leadership roles)


Cover letters provide your PERSONALITY for a specific job.  For new graduates, its your opportunity to show why you’re unique and deserve an interview:


  • Most other new grad applicants will have same qualifications on their resume
  • Cover letter lets you introduce yourself and offer your motivation for applying
  • Gives you a chance to make a personal connection or insert personality via humor, etc.

Often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between a resume and CV; for our purposes, we’ll consider them the same. (You likely don’t have the research/publication experience typically present in a CV quite yet…!)

A Resume:  a summary of education, work history, credentials, and other accomplishments and skills; concise as possible.

A Curriculum Vitae:  a one-to-two page document with academic background, research, publications, awards, and presentations.  Pertains to academic background.


Listen to the PA Startup Podcast here–we have an episode that covers all this information and more!

 TOP 5 Resume TIPS

  1. Keep formatting consistent (fonts, margins, style)
  2. List objective “facts” and limit subjective “fluff”
  3. SAVE AS PDF–sending a word document is asking for formatting and font problems
  4. Use good, heavier-weight “executive” paper, solid color or subtle patterns are best
  5. Keep to one page if possible, but two pages okay as long as its relevant and factual (really only an issue later in career if you publish papers, etc)

Download our templates to help you get started!

Resume Templates


Classic Resume

Download .docx

Download .pdf




Modern Resume

Download .docx

Download .pdf

5 Features of a good cover letter

Cover letters can show great personality and make a great first introduction; be sure to include these features:

  1. Personalization–address to a specific person
  2. Include a connection–who told you about the job, who has worked with the office before, etc.
  3. Play to your strengths–Show (don’t tell) why you’re the best candidate for the job
  4. Don’t be afraid of humor–if it suits you
  5. Keep it short and sweet

Download our template to get you started!


Cover Letter Template





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